Welcome to the official website for the Omicron Upsilon chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi at Cornell University. We hope that you will take time to learn about the history of Alpha Kappa Psi, the individual members of our brotherhood, and the goals and vision of our organization.


    A business fraternity, and specifically Alpha Kappa Psi, offers you the opportunity to expand your learning outside of the classroom and challenge yourself to make the most of your time at Cornell University. The professional development and network gained from membership in Alpha Kappa Psi opens countless doors for its members, both easing the navigation of professional exploration and recruitment while also promoting on-campus involvement and enabling members to learn from, and ultimately become, campus leaders. As I look back at my experience as a freshman, then allured but intimidated by the concept of a business fraternity, I knew that there were many things I hoped to accomplish in my subsequent three years of school and that Alpha Kappa Psi could help me realize my potential to lead and contribute to the Cornell University community. This organization has been the defining contributor to my drive to take steps out of my comfort zone and explore opportunities and experiences that would not have otherwise been accessible. While the decision to rush a business fraternity is, and should be, a personal one, what sets Alpha Kappa Psi apart is its culture defined by unwavering support and encouragement for each other. The relationships that are developed through Alpha Kappa Psi are formed from a mutual respect and appreciation for the reciprocal nature of the organization, and these relationships extend much further than our time on campus to create powerful bonds that connect different generations of the brotherhood.


    I believe that I speak for every member of our organization when I say that membership in Alpha Kappa Psi has afforded me the opportunity to surround myself with some of the most driven, passionate, and intellectually curious students I have come across during my time at Cornell University. The diverse composition of our brotherhood is brought together by a shared desire to hold ourselves to the highest standard of personal and professional success possible, and the supportive nature of this brotherhood has allowed each of us to develop the professional skills and confidence required to pursue our individual and collective goals.


    We hope that throughout the process of rushing Alpha Kappa Psi you will learn why we feel so strongly that this organization has the potential to actuate your Cornell University experience and personal success. I look forward to the prospect of meeting you throughout our upcoming rush events and working to further illustrate the transformative nature of Alpha Kappa Psi.


    Best regards,

    Andrea Quartner


    Alpha Kappa Psi has a long and storied history of excellence - both at the national level and within our own chapter here at Cornell. To learn more about the fraternity's founding and the aims and merits of the Omnicron Upsilon chapter, please see below.

    National History


    Alpha Kappa Psi was founded on October 5, 1904 at New York University. Its founders, Fredrick Leach, Howard Jefferson, Nathan Lane, Jr., and George Bergen set forth a plan to perpetuate the business education and sense of brotherhood that had formed during their years at NYU. The nation's first professional business fraternity, AKPsi developed and expanded rapidly in its early years, becoming an international organization on April 18, 1931. Over its 107-year history, AKPsi has grown to be the largest business fraternity in the world, with 332 chapters and over 225,000 initiated members across three countries. AKPsi alumni include presidents, chief executives, and federal judges.


    Chapter History


    Founded in 1998, the Omicron Upsilon chapter of AKPsi is the oldest business fraternity at Cornell. Our members are involved in dozens of organizations on campus and study in numerous different majors. Our 200+ alumni currently work at top banks, consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies and study in some of the nation's most competitive graduate programs. Built on tradition with an eye towards the future, AKPsi is excited to be in its eighteenth year on campus. We look forward to meeting you at Rush.



    The Omicron Upsilon chapter's recruitment process is strictly governed by the procedures and policies of its national charter. However, as members of the Cornell community, we are strongly committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent on campus from a variety of diverse backgrounds and academic interests.

    Job Placement


    The brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi have a strong track record of securing the most sought-out internships and full-time jobs across a wide array of industries.


    See below for a list of firms our brothers have gone to.


    Pledging Process


    The pledging process is designed to broaden the knowledge base of each pledge, while also allowing them to form close relationships with current brothers. Through weekly meetings, resumé workshops, guest speakers, and private networking sessions with top firms, the pledges are constantly learning new things about various fields of business, professional etiquette, and the internship/full-time recruiting process.




    In order to keep the AKPsi network strong, each pledge is responsible for setting up meetings with each of the current brothers to learn more about their lives, both professional and personal. These in-depth conversations serve as a great foundation upon which to develop a meaningful friendship and ensure that, upon initiation, each pledge has developed a personal connection with every member of the brotherhood.


    Though the process is time consuming, every task serves an important purpose in the personal and professional development of the pledges. Many current brothers recall the semester during which they were pledging as their best one at Cornell.


    Commitment to Service


    Alpha Kappa Psi has and continues to sponsor many community service events as part of our continuing effort to give back to the community at large. We participate in a wide range of activities, including The Common Ground Foundation, Wear Shades Fight AIDS, Ithaca Youth Bureau, Jog for Jill, and more.  



    We believe that having such a wide range of community service activities encourages brothers further participate in community service organizations on their own time.


    If you have any questions about community service events or would like to collaborate, please contact Andrea Quartner at ALQ9@cornell.edu



    "Very simply put, I would not be where I am without AKPsi. For me, AKPsi was and is a bond between individuals who want to go on a different life trajectory than the norm. I had drive, but did not have the direction or the peer support to know where to channel the drive in a productive, career-focused way. Being surrounded and mentored by the caliber of people AKPsi attracts allowed me to raise my expectations to achieve goals I would not have previously considered possible. Hands down, it was the best overall experience of my collegiate career socially and professionally.



    Professionally, AKPsi facilitates the sharing of ideas, experiences, and best practices through a natural mentorship program that allows one to grow in all aspects - this dynamic put me and, I'm sure, many others at a tremendous advantage when it came to navigating the myriad of challenges involved with transitioning from a student to a successful professional. On a personal level, I instantly made deep, life- lasting friendships with individuals I would have otherwise never been close with. I currently live with an AKPsi brother here in NYC, I have traveled the world with brothers in AKPsi, and we now work alongside and do business with each other. When faced with important decisions personally and professionally, I continue to first turn to my AKPsi brothers for advice."

    Brandon Kerns

    General Atlantic Private Equity



    "AKPsi was a hugely influential part of my Cornell experience. It is definitely the reason I was able to get my foot in the door into firms sooner and much better prepared. My peers and the alumni are some of the closest relationships I have to this day and are by far where I go first for career advice and support. Since graduating I have actively recruited for both Lehman Brothers and now Barclays and AKPsi students really set themselves apart as some of the strongest both at Cornell and beyond."

    Ashley Higgins

    Barclays Capital



    "There is no other organization that I was involved with at Cornell whose members I am more regularly in touch with on both a personal and business level than I am with the bright and motivated individuals from my years in AKPsi. I would not have the job or the professional network I have today without joining, hands down."

    Mike Pittore

    Goldman Sachs



    "AKPsi gave me the opportunity to not only meet, but form lasting relationships, with some of the most diverse and intelligent people on campus who I would have never had the opportunity to come in contact with beforehand.

    Josh Hulseberg

    Paramount Pictures



    Oh, the places you'll go...



    From our VP of Membership...





    The first time I stepped into an AKPsi info session as a wide-eyed freshman, I did not know what to expect. My initial fear and intimidation quickly dissipated as my conversations with the brothers had me feeling more and more at home. Even before I joined AKPsi, I was struck by the brothers’ genuine, continued care that extended beyond the week of rush. Although I did not make it into the pledge class on my first attempt, it was the brotherhood’s distinguishing qualities of inclusiveness and diversity that kept me coming back. Three years later, the brotherhood is still impacting me just as strongly as that first day my freshman year.


    It is without hesitation that I say that being a brother of AKPsi has been my most meaningful experience during my time at Cornell. Not because of the professional skills that I gained through the pledging process or the networks that AKPsi has opened doors to, but because of the people that I have met. The brothers in this organization have not only become my role models and motivation, but also my dear friends and support system. Through AKPsi, I have had the invaluable opportunity to surround myself with a group of extraordinary and accomplished individuals who are constant reminders of the person that I hope to become. We represent a very diverse constituency and come together in every setting imaginable. From professional workshops and firm visits in New York City to social gatherings and spring break trips, our brotherhood offers the unique chance to foster lifelong friendships with people who we may have never met otherwise.


    Above all, AKPsi has taught me the value of paying my experiences forward, beyond myself and beyond the brotherhood. I would like to extend the challenge and the opportunity to become part of the AKPsi experience to anyone who is interested and welcome you to attend one of our information sessions. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments that you might like to discuss in advance of rush. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!


    Sara Levine


    • Club Fest - Sunday, 9/11, Bartels Hall, 1:00-4:00pm
    • Info Session 1 - Tuesday, 9/13, McGraw 165, 5:00pm-7:00pm
    • Info Session 2 - Wednesday, 9/14, McGraw 165, 7:30pm-9:30pm
    • First Round - Thursday, 9/15, Hollister 110, 5:00pm-7:00pm
    • Networking Round - Friday, 9/16, The Nines, 4:00pm-5:30pm (invite only)
    • Final Round - Saturday, 9/17, Phillips 203, 12:00pm-1:30pm (invite only)
  • Rush Registration

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    There is no minimum GPA requirement to rush AKPsi.

    Rush Absence Policy: Candidates may only miss one round of rush for either class, interview, or athletic obligations. Please contact Sara Levine at sl2564@cornell.edu if you will be missing part or all of a round, or for any other extenuating circumstances.

  • NEWS

    Keep up to date with Cornell AKPsi

    The Mergers and Acquisitions Case Competition

    Hosted by Citi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Gamma Nu, and the Cornell Hedge Fund


    The Cornell Hedge Fund, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Phi Gamma Nu cordially invite you The M&A Case Competition sponsored by Citi Investment Banking. This is a prime opportunity for students to explore their interests in Investment Banking with a major bulge bracket bank and learn more about corporate finance.


    Deloitte Consulting Case Workshop

    Hosted by Alpha Kappa Psi and Cornell Consulting Group


    On December 3rd AKPsi and CCG joined Deloitte practitioners and Cornell alumni in a workshop session that took a deep dive into consulting and the case interview process. This interactive workshop was intended for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who are seeking an introduction to consulting or are confident that it is a career they want to pursue


    Decoding the Financial Markets


    On October 28th, Alpha Kappa Psi solely organized and sponsored the “Decoding The Financial Markets” event, in which Karyn Dobin led an interactive lecture on how to efficiently follow and understand the financial markets. Karyn is the former Head of North America Financial Product Training for Morgan Stanley, and currently serves as CEO of KLD Training Associates. The event, which attracted over 100 students, was insightful for those looking to stay up to date with current events.


    Cornell K-12 Outreach Philanthropy


    On December 4th, 2013, the Alpha Kappa Psi brotherhood along with Delta Sigma Pi and Phi Gamma Nu hosted the Cornell K-12 Outreach Event at The Gates in Collegetown. Our Fall 2013 Philanthropy Chairs, Rich Barakat and Lindsay Hochberg, have led the organization in finding important causes we can all proactively support. The objective of the event was to benefit students within the Ithaca community in terms of helping with the cost of school supplies, which limits many families’ ability to provide educational resources for their children.



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