• A note from the VP of Membership

    "The first time I stepped into an AKPsi info session, I truly did not know what to expect. My initial fear and intimidation quickly dissipated as my conversations with the brothers had me feeling more and more at home. Even before I joined AKPsi, I was struck by the brothers’ genuine, continued care that extended beyond the week of Rush. It was the brotherhood’s distinguishing qualities of inclusiveness and diversity that drew me in. Three years later, the brotherhood is still impacting me just as strongly as that first day my sophomore year.


    It is without hesitation that I say that being a brother of AKPsi has been my most meaningful experience during my time at Cornell. Not because of the professional skills that I gained through the new member development process or the networks that AKPsi has opened doors to, but because of the people that I have met. The brothers in this organization have not only become my role models and motivation, but also my dear friends and support system. Through AKPsi, I have had the invaluable opportunity to surround myself with a group of extraordinary and accomplished individuals who are constant reminders of the person that I hope to become. We represent a very diverse constituency and come together in every setting imaginable. From professional workshops and firm visits in New York City to social gatherings and spring break trips, our brotherhood offers the unique chance to foster lifelong friendships with people who we may have never met otherwise.


    Above all, AKPsi has taught me the value of paying my experiences forward, beyond myself and beyond the brotherhood. I would like to extend the challenge and the opportunity to become part of the AKPsi experience to anyone who is interested and welcome you to attend one of our information sessions. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments that you might like to discuss in advance of Rush. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!"


    Sarah Elkins

  • Rush Video

    There is no minimum GPA requirement to rush AKPsi.


    Rush Absence Policy: Candidates may only miss one round of rush for either class, interview, or athletic obligations. Please contact Sarah Elkins at sre39@cornell.edu if you will be missing part or all of a round, or for any other extenuating circumstances.