• A note from the VP of Membership

    “Joining Alpha Kappa Psi was the most important decision I have made throughout my college career. Alpha Kappa Psi has not only fueled my professional and academic growth exponentially by introducing me to some of the most passionate mentors on campus, but being a part of this organization has granted me a reliable community of trustworthy, dedicated, and meaningful friends for life. I can confidently say that Alpha Kappa Psi has been a constant support system for me in all initiatives, both in and out of Cornell, and there is no other organization that has impacted my college experience with as much value.


    When determining which business fraternity to pursue on campus, it was essential for me to fully understand what made each individual organization unique. This became clear to me the moment I walked into one of Alpha Kappa Psi’s information sessions: I immediately picked up on the diversity of interests and accomplishments within the brotherhood in addition to the members’ evident encouragement of one another. To all underclassmen who are even considering a business fraternity, my advice to you is to come to an information session and pick the brothers’ brains – they are committed to listening and helping you regardless of the decision you make. I hope you will see from the various majors, career interests, and backgrounds of our members that there is truly a place for everyone in Alpha Kappa Psi to develop and thrive both professionally and personally while pursuing our individual and collective ambitions.


    Alpha Kappa Psi is devoted to helping our younger members and the Cornell community in the same way the brotherhood helped us before. Because of this, our members are constantly looking to go out of their way to ensure that students like you are provided the same, if not better, opportunities that they had. I am proud to extend to you the challenge to become a part of the cherished Alpha Kappa Psi experience. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns that may arise in advance of our Spring Recruitment. I look forward to learning more about each and every one of you!"



    Remi Katz

    VP Membership

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